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14 December 2016 – Brussels, Belgium

EUPATI: All Aboard to a Better Health Future!


EUPATI is delighted to announce our 2016 Conference entitled “All Aboard to a Better Health Future”.  This is a very special event for the EUPATI family as we take this opportunity nearly 5 years after the start of our project, not only to reflect, but to prepare for future growth.

Many of our successful outcomes are now active in the public domain, including over 100 trained Patient Expert Fellows.

It is now time to set off together to define what we mean by a Better Health Future.

We believe that patient involvement is a major driving force for transformational change in health care and the development of innovative medicines. This is why the EUPATI Project is such an exciting and unique opportunity – offering patients and patient advocates training on therapeutic innovation.

EUPATI is making a meaningful contribution to patient empowerment and advocacy as well as to the broader dialogue on patient involvement across Europe.

This collaborative process is supported through our patient advocacy website ( and online resource library for the health-interested public. Our website is offered in 7 languages and contains explanatory slide sets, information sheets, blogs and forums as well as many opportunities for local-level involvement.

Both the Expert Course and website are providing an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to patient empowerment and advocacy, as well as to the broader dialogue on patient involvement across Europe.

We work at a national level, implementing strategies in 12 countries (with at least 5 more coming on board!). The national teams are very active now, offering workshops and tutorials, interacting with professionals from the pharmaceutical industry as well as academic institutions, and are looking to collaborate with regulatory agencies and medical professionals.

The challenge is now is to bring all these resources together to create value for everyone. For the patient this means a better understanding of health, that can lead to better health and well-being.

Our conference will set the foundation for fruitful collaboration between all stakeholders with a role in the medicines development process. We will focus on creating a sustainable ecosystem for medical innovation, asking how patients, academia and industry can continue to work together, how they can further support each other in a trusted and respectful way, while committing themselves to our shared goal of Better Health.

You are invited to join in our 2016 EUPATI Conference if you are interested in engaging actively in this effort.

Whether you represent patients, citizens, industry, academia, ethics committees, regulators, medical professionals, policy makers, or journalists, we look forward to meeting you on 14th December 2016 in Brussels to come on board and help us plan toward achieving a Better Health Future!

As always, there is no charge or cost to patients or patients’ organisations who apply and are accepted.

Workshop Venue

Square – Brussels
Rue Ravenstein 2, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
+32 (0) 2 515 13 22
+32 (0) 2 515 13 10

Conference Language

The language of the conference will be English.

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